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We live at the intersection of innovation and behavior change.

We are a design consultancy that tackles complex education challenges.
We are known for identifying and translating research insights into pragmatic and opportunistic “know-how” recommendations.
People love working with us because they say we “forklift their thinking,” provide exemplar facilitation and deliver emerging next practices that can be used today, for immediate effect.
Learning and outcomes from across our portfolio are typically carried forward and we purposefully work with partners who seek to cross boundaries and share their work with others.
In our network, we are all driving toward the same goal – student success.

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At the Helm

Christine Flanagan, President + Benevolent Troublemaker or @chrisflanagan

Inquisitive and an “intersectionalist” at heart, Chris guides our client development of new learning and engagement models that transcend the limits of our current system. A consummate creative executive with a keen voice for communications, Chris leads our teams in establishing vision and roadmaps that drive success for both organizations and the students they serve. Read more..



Leigh Anne Cappello, Chief Experience Officer

Leigh Anne knew she had found her place in life and work when she was asked to help lead a team of designers, engineers, technologists, and marketers to think about the Future of Play at Hasbro. With over 20 in the toy and game industry, Leigh Anne was a passionate student of play. To her, it’s what makes the world go round. She views play as a natural extension of curiosity and a critical component of innovation. Play equals experiment, try, fail and try again. From play, we grow. Read more…

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News, views and insights across the work and learn divide.

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