Design for Momentum. Narratives for Change. Outcomes for Equity.

Welcome to Kinetic Seeds
Welcome to our home. 

We live at the intersection of design and storytelling.

We specialize in helping institutions, organizations, and networks explore and build critical work and learn opportunities that can lead to more equitable and sustainable futures.

We are known for “translating” keen research insights into pragmatic and opportunistic “know how” recommendations. Clients say they hire us to “forklift their thinking” and provide emerging next practices that they can use today, for immediate effect.

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We need new learn and work models for meeting the diverse needs and interests of today’s learners. Models that transcend the limits of the current system. Models that are…
…predicated on principles of equity and equality,
…fueled by diverse relationships of substance, and
…forged by the idea that success in today’s world means learning must happen over a lifetime (and we need better ways to accomplish this!)
These are the ideals that drive us here at Kinetic Seeds.
And here are some of our outcomes:
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Our strategic approach unearths powerful new insights, narratives, and opportunities generated by human-centered research, design-thinking, and storytelling methodologies.


At the Helm

Christine Flanagan, President + Benevolent Troublemaker or @chrisflanagan

Inquisitive and an “intersectionalist” at heart, Chris guides our client development of new learning and engagement models that transcend the limits of our current system. A consummate creative executive with a keen voice for communications, Chris leads our teams in establishing vision and roadmaps that drive success for both organizations and the students they serve. Read more..


Christine Costello, Head of Research + Experience or @xstine

Part sociologist, part designer, and part futurist, Christine is at her best when she can combine her obsession for understanding the human experience with opportunities to apply her innate skill of making connections—connections that inform new thinking and inspire change. In her 18 years as an experience designer, researcher and facilitator,  Christine has helped organizations from a range of industry and social sectors to practice human-centered… Read more…

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If you’re grappling with a key challenge, considering the design of a new experience or model, or just want to talk shop, give us a call or drop Chris a note.