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We live at the intersection of design, innovation and behavior change.

Inside our walls we help organizations tackle complex educational challenges. Human principles of participation, co-creation and discipline drive everything we do.

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Looking to unearth powerful insights and opportunities generated by design-thinking, business model generation or lean development approaches? Then you’ve come to the right place.

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Driven to create  massive positive impact in everything we do.

Christine Flanagan

President + Benevolent Troublemaker
Christine Flanagan or @chrisflanagan

Inquisitive and an “intersectionalist” at heart, Chris has been designing experiences defined by research and market strategy for leaders in technology, education, and consumer industries for a very long time. A consummate creative executive with a keen eye for branding and movement-building, Chris leads our strategy and production teams in establishing a vision and roadmap for our client partners that drive innovation and growth. Read more…

Christine Costello

Co-Troublemaker + Head of Research & Experience
Christine Costello or @xstine

Part sociologist, part designer, and part futurist, Christine is at her best when she can combine her obsession for understanding the human experience with opportunities to apply her innate skill of making connections—connections that inform new thinking and inspire change. In her 18 years as an experience designer, researcher and facilitator,  Christine has helped organizations from a range of industry and social sectors to practice human-centered… Read more…

Why Kinetic Seeds?

We Never Give Up. Ever.

We need new learning and engagement models for meeting the diverse needs and interests of today’s learners. Models that transcend the limits of the current system. Models that are…
…predicated on principles of equity and equality,
…fueled by relationships of substance, and
…forged by the idea that learning can happen anywhere (and learners should get credit for it!).
These are the ideals that drive us here at Kinetic Seeds.
Here are just a few examples.
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The Kinetic Seeds Network Is Charged By A Select Group of Changemakers 

Our Latest Troublemaking Posts

News, views and insights across the education and workforce development divide.

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