Let’s do some benevolent troublemaking together.

Aug 05, 2015

BTC are comingIn a previous life, my dear friend and colleague Katherine von Jan and I formed a group for interesting people who like to cause a little havoc and hijinks. We called it The Benevolent Troublemaker Club. We’d get together on a quasi-regular basis with a mission to move past the typical “what if” or “what might be” questions toward a more mayhem-filled “why the hell not?” and “let’s just do it.” We even had a spiffy logo which one of us wanted to turn into temporary tattoos.

We troublemakers are a unique bunch. Usually quite restless, we are persistent problem-solvers who find our mojo when the rubber hits the road and ideas are actually implemented. And then we’re always trying to make those ideas better. Yet any good troublemaker will tell you that to be inspirational requires constant inspiration. So that’s what we hope to do with this blog – share the goods, spread the action, feed the soul.

The photo above was taken at a dinner we hosted at Craft restaurant in NYC a few years back. An oath and cocktail was created to celebrate this notion of benevolent troublemaking. Both of which I share below. Feel free to use it at your next troublemaking gathering.

Troublemaker’s Oath

We live our lives with passion
And always charge ahead
It might not be in fashion
When feelings best your head
But feelings create greatness
Make room for big, bold thoughts
And answers bigger questions
That move beyond the nots


It’s time to save our planet
By doing what we do
Breaking any should be rules
Which no longer ring true


Brave in every action
Ideas we will exchange
We’re just the Troublemakers
To bring about a change

And finally, here’s the most awesome Benevolent Troublemaker cocktail designed exclusively for us by Craft mixologist Sean McClure. Cheers! Benevolent Troublemaker cocktail

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How does one join? We need to promote the concept in all places that leaders exist, especially in leadership.


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