2018: The Year of Work / Learn Futures

Aug 29, 2018
Chris Flanagan

We recently took a moment to reflect on the number of presentations and workshops we’ve done this year. Turns out most have been related to the future of work + learn. Here are some highlights:

Designing the Learning Ecosystem of the Future

Interested in running a workshop on platform design? Want to dig deeper into underlying ecosystem development assumptions? In this 2018 workshop at ASU GSV, Kinetic Seeds, in partnership with Strada Education Network, facilitated a group of experts and creative thinkers present at the conference in an assessment of a platform-strategy as a future ecosystem for higher education. During the workshop, we considered the building blocks of a future learning ecosystem and brainstormed new platform model ideas.

View the presentation

Twenty-First Century Advocacy 

Is there a template for a 21st-century advocacy organization? Download this presentation to learn about recent Kinetic Seeds research conducted into attributes for becoming 21st-century advocates. You’ll find a set of provocations to help you brainstorm how your organization might capitalize on the newest trends in “new power.”

View the presentation

Career Services Gets an Overhaul

What does a 21st-century career services model look like? In this trend briefing, Kinetic Seeds reveals research into we might we get more postsecondary institutions interested and active in improving the process of connecting college to career.

View the presentation


Interested in a briefing or workshop to get hands-on with some of these new ideas? Email Chris Flanagan at cflanagan@kineticseeds.com

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