We’re Growing! A Warm Welcome to Our New Chief Experience Officer

Sep 02, 2019
Chris Flanagan

“I can’t think of a more exciting role for me right now. I get to learn and be inspired by trailblazers in social systems working tirelessly to make the world a better place while bringing a depth and breadth of experience from all that I have learned. It’s perfect.”

Kinetic Seeds is excited to announce the Leigh Anne Cappello has joined as Chief Experience Officer. Leigh Anne comes to us with over 25 years of experience using her critical thinking, storytelling and business strategy skills in a variety of capacities ranging from senior leadership roles in the health services industry, to co-founding a high tech start-up, and consulting with large and small healthcare institutions on business model innovation. She spent over 20 years as an executive at Hasbro, building brands, launching new businesses and leading a team of design thinkers to imagine new futures for Hasbro.

As Chief Experience Officer, Leigh Anne will work closely with clients in the Education space to see the world through the experiences of those they serve, and imagine and realize new possibilities through an informed strategic lens. With her most recent experience in senior living and her business model consulting in healthcare, Leigh Anne also brings a fresh perspective on some of the intractable problems that exist in the healthcare and wellness industries and will be looking for partners in crime to start planting some kinetic seeds in those spaces as well.


Working at the intersection of innovation and behavior change, Kinetic Seeds is a design consultancy tackling complex educational challenges. Our approach is to unearth powerful insights and opportunities generated by design-thinking, business model generation, and lean development practices. Learning and outcomes from across our portfolio are typically carried forward and we purposefully work with partners who seek to cross boundaries and share their work with others. In our network, we are all driving toward the same destination – student success for all.

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