Some of our best education pathways need some extra care and attention

Jul 02, 2020
Chris Flanagan

In developing the graphic above to support Project APPLY (Advocating for Portability of Previous Learning), it got us thinking — while most of us within postsecondary circles acknowledge that today’s students and workers learn in different ways, places and contexts, we aren’t necessarily doing enough to ensure that they (1) get credit for their learning experiences and (2) get properly connected and supported in their journey to a credential. And as the stats in the above graphic indicate, this is a significant equity challenge as the hidden barriers within strategic entry points to higher education often affect students of color and low-income students.

As we consider how COVID-19 will affect education programs, practices and policies in the coming years, it’s time we take a look at some of our highly touted entry points and investigate how they fairly assess students’ skills and learning and whether they grant credit that applies to future degree completion.

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The full piece Achieving Equity Requires Valuing the 21st Century Learner Experience by Elizabeth Salinas can be found here.

About Project APPLY
A collaboration between HCM Strategists and Kinetic Seeds designed to enliven a national conversation about how today’s learners and workers experience learning after high school. By intentionally bringing multiple, diverse perspectives into the debate about the modern learning experience we hope to better support students and workers by ensuring their learning is valued and they receive the credentials they need for workplace success. Visit Project APPLY and add your voice to the conversation. 


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