Let’s Talk About Jennifer: An Insider’s Perspective on Credit for Learning

Jul 30, 2020
Chris Flanagan

Next up in our Project APPLY series is an insider perspective on credit for learning penned by James R. Hallmark, Ph.D., Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs for The Texas A&M University System. Dr. Hallmark, a long-time advocate for transfers and credit for learning, reveals a number of hidden (and not so hidden) barriers affecting a student’s ability to succeed.

College completion agendas can not be met without the creation of a transfer culture – one that frames the student experience as a connected community helping students master the competencies they need to fulfill their personal and career potential. “We all talk about multiple student pathways but without warm handoffs at way stations along the pathway, the story of Jennifer [depicted above] is the norm rather than the exception.

Read the entire post at Project APPLY.

A series by HCM Strategists and Kinetic Seeds to enliven a national conversation about how today’s students and workers experience learning after high school.

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