Meet the Christines

Transforming the way organizations tackle complex challenges.

Christine Flanagan

President + Benevolent Troublemaker
Christine Flanagan or @chrisflanagan

Inquisitive and an “intersectionalist” at heart, for the last twenty+ years Chris has been designing experiences defined by research and market strategy for leaders in the technology, education, consumer and B2B industries. As a consummate creative executive with a keen eye for branding and movement-building, Chris leads Kinetic Seeds’ strategy and production teams in establishing a vision and roadmap for our clients that drive innovation and growth.

Drawing on some crazy cool multi-disciplinary skills and competencies she’s earned over the years in human-centered research and iterative business design, Chris is adept at guiding management teams to be capable and inspired to both pursue innovations generated and tackle new challenges on their own going forward.

She most recently served as Strategic Innovation Executive at supporting the creation of multi-channel innovation programs on behalf of the company’s customers. Previous, she served as Student Experience Lab Director for the Business Innovation Factory designing, prototyping and testing new models for delivering value in education. Her approach to innovation and design and has been instrumental in guiding diverse organizations such as General Electric Oil & Gas, Northeastern University, ACT, Coca-Cola, SNHU, College Board, USU, Lumina Foundation, FedEx, Monster and many others.

Her previous life also includes more than a dozen years of marketing and communications consulting experience, where she had the privilege of counseling Fortune 500 clients on integrated branding strategies, leveraging experiential, digital and mainstream communications practices.

She regularly writes, speaks and teaches on the topics of human-centered research, design and innovation. Her articles have appeared in major education journals and publications such as Educause and New England Journal of Higher Education. And her work was most recently profiled in Wired for Success: Real-World Solutions for Transforming Higher Education.

Many moons ago, Christine received a BA in English (go Humanities!) from the State University of New York, Albany and an (almost) culinary degree from Johnson & Wales University. She still loves to cook and will one day finish what she started.

Christine Costello

Head of Research and Design + Co-Troublemaker
Christine Costello or @xstine

Part sociologist, part designer, and part futurist, Christine is at her best when she can combine her obsession for understanding the human experience with opportunities to apply her innate skill of making connections—connections that inform new thinking and inspire change. In her 18 years as an experience designer, researcher and facilitator,  Christine has helped organizations from a range of industry and social sectors to practice human-centered innovation and to put people and their unmet needs at the center of any challenge.

Most recently, Christine served as Design Director for the Business Innovation Factory where she built the capacity for human-centered design (HCD) in BIF’s Experience Labs—the non-profit’s practice for accelerating systems level experimentation in areas of high social impact such as education, healthcare and entrepreneurship.

With Chris Flanagan, she co-pioneered participatory design methods that invited people into the experience design process as collaborators. Previous, she served as an Associate Research Director in Razorfish’s strategy group where in addition to helping design teams  discover and translate insights into new experiences, she contributed to thought leadership that explored the changing nature of digital media. Early educational and career experiences at the Institute of Design, IIT, Art Technology Group (ATG), Doblin Group and eLab (now part of Sapient), shaped Christine’s “make things to learn” approach which remains an integral component her research and iterative design capabilities. This approach has been instrumental in her work for the American Red Cross, Babson College, College Board, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Ford Motor Company, Intel, Lumina Foundation, The National Park Service, Novartis, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, T. Rowe Price, Utah State University, Walt Disney Imagineering and many others.

Christine was a recipient of the Joyce Foundation Fellowship for Interactive Learning while part of the Masters program at the Institute of Design, IIT and holds a BA from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. When she’s not creating new experiences or exploring her interest in citizen science, Christine and her husband hit the road via plane, train or their 1984 VW Westfalia Van “Sasquatch.”