We construct new spaces to understand and strengthen student voice and engagement in higher education.

What are the dimensions of trust (or mistrust) between students and institutions?

How might we put students in the driver's seat of the transfer experience?

What if we made equity in education the incontestable measure for all program, practice and policy decisions?

What are the experiences of young men of color in higher education?

What if we could rewrite the narrative for student success? What would it say and how could we live it?

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Who Are We?

Kinetic Seeds is a design consultancy tackling complex educational challenges. 

Woven into our DNA is the belief that students’ voices can be instruments of meaningful, lasting change. Our approach constructs new spaces within which we (students, learners, educators, advocates, leaders, policymakers and others) can make meaning together.

We purposefully seek out and work with partners who believe diversity is part of our unique social fabric and key to human flourishing and who are committed to rolling up their sleeves to consciously “design out” the inequities baked into our systems and structures. People work with us because we listen first, co-create second. They say we are “do-ers who forklift their thinking.” And we are exceptional facilitators known for finding common ground while delivering emerging next practices that can be used for immediate effect. In the process, we help our clients leverage critical design skills and embrace new ways of working together to create an educational ecosystem where all students can thrive.

Our Services at a Glance

Elevate and Amplify Student Voice

Elevate Student Voice

We champion and design opportunities for students to be heard by learning and sharing their lived experiences, offering and debating the challenges with key stakeholders, and co-creating solutions that will work for all.

Tell Powerful Stories

Tell Powerful Stories

Not the ‘sit around the campfire’ type stories, but the kind that pulls massive amounts of meaningful data and information together in a narrative and visualization that incites action, changes mindsets, and moves us forward.

Design Innovative Solutions

Design Innovative Solutions

Whether you are in need of a new program, practice, or strategic plan, we take the burden of aligning stakeholders, organizing sessions, synthesizing inputs and packaging results off your shoulders so you can focus on your day job.

Evaluate System-Level Structures

Evaluate System-Level Structures

We love digging deeper, because we believe no matter how good ideas are, if you don’t address the foundational issues that have built up over time, you cannot create meaningful, sustainable change.

Facilitate Hard Conversations

Facilitate Hard Conversations

We are not afraid of diving into the uncomfortable and thoughtfully create ‘brave spaces’ for dialogue so that all who come to the table in search of truth and progress will be empowered to create change.

Latest From Our Seedlings Blog

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If you’re grappling with a challenge, considering a new design, or just want to talk shop, give us a call or drop Chris a note.

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