About Us

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Who Are We?

Kinetic Seeds is a design consultancy tackling complex educational challenges. We work at the intersection of innovation and behavior change—because it’s not innovation if it isn’t deeply valued and adopted.

We are trained to mine, connect, and package complex and dynamic information into opportunity spaces designed to shift mindsets, remove barriers, ideate and pilot, or strategically frame for the future. In the process, we help our clients leverage critical design skills and embrace new ways of working together to create the educational ecosystem of tomorrow where all students can thrive.

What Makes Us Special?

For ideas to be valued, they must be grounded in lived experiences—specifically, the lived experiences of students. That’s why we approach our work by looking at it first through the student lens. And we have 20+ years of experience doing just that.

We unearth powerful insights and opportunities generated by design-thinking, participatory design, and equity-framed storytelling.

People like working with us because we listen first, co-create second. They say we are “do-ers who forklift their thinking.” And we are exceptional facilitators known for delivering emerging next practices that can be used today for immediate effect.

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What Do We Believe?

We believe that diversity of people, thought and action is part of our unique social fabric and fundamental to thriving as a student, institution, community, and nation.

We believe in student voice as a key instrument of change in our educational systems.

We believe inequity and inequality have been designed into our foundational structures, and that now is the time to consciously design it out.

We believe that every complex problem can be solved if we put humanity at the center of the design process.

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Who Should Work With Us?

  • If you are looking to develop innovative programs, practices or policies informed by the lived experiences of students
  • If you are in need of expert facilitation or cohort building to help forklift your thinking around challenging topics
  • If you are preparing to frame and socialize a new strategic plan
  • If you are struggling to create a powerful narrative to entice enrollment and action from your stakeholders

Who's at the Helm?

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Christine Flanagan
President + Benevolent Troublemaker

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Leigh Anne Cappello
Chief Experience Officer + Co-Troublemaker

Howard University
Dillard University
Golden Key national honor society
Florida virtual campus
higher learning advocates
Lumina Foundation
Strada education network
The Communications Network
Knowledge Works
Strategy Labs
HCM Strategies
Public Agenda
Competency Based Education Network
University of West Florida Innovation Institute
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
North Eastern University
Rhode Island Department of Education
The Act
Utah State University
College Unbound

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