About Us

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Who Are We?

Kinetic Seeds is a design consultancy tackling complex educational challenges.

Woven into our DNA is the belief that students’ voices can be instruments of meaningful, lasting change. Our approach constructs new spaces within which we (students, learners, educators, advocates, leaders, policymakers and others) can make meaning together. Where we can be attentive and open with one another in ways that encourage our mutual responsibility for the quality and dignity of our lives. We purposefully seek out and work with partners who believe diversity is part of our unique social fabric and key to human flourishing and who are committed to rolling up their sleeves to consciously “design out” the inequities baked into our systems and structures.

People work with us because we listen first, co-create second. They say we are “do-ers who forklift their thinking.” And we are exceptional facilitators known for finding common ground while delivering emerging next practices that can be used for immediate effect.

What Do We Believe?

We believe that diversity of people, thought and action is part of our unique social fabric and fundamental to thriving as a student, institution, community, and nation.

We believe we should use every opportunity to consciously design out the inequity and inequality long present in our systems and structures.

We believe that every complex problem can be solved by putting humanity at the center of the design process.

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Call Us When...

  • You want to develop innovative programs, practices or policies informed by the lived experiences of students
  • You want to strengthen student voice and engagement in your transformation efforts
  • You need expert facilitation or cohort building to help forklift thinking around challenging topics
  • You are preparing to develop and introduce a new strategic plan
  • You are struggling to create a powerful narrative to entice stakeholder participation and action

Meet Our Benevolent Troublemaking Team

Christine Flanagan

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Leigh Anne Cappello
Chief Experience Advisor

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Jessica Thompson
Senior Experience Designer

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Jasmine Jones
Experience Designer

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Sahibzada Mayed
Student Experience Associate Intern

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