Thrive Method for Student Success

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Project Description

An experience-first solution to address student success at the campus level

We know that when students thrive, our institutions thrive; and, when institutions thrive, our students thrive. Each reinforces the other, like the component parts in an ecosystem. This begs the question: How might we engage students deeply in their educational experience, helping them to make the absolute most of the money, time and energy they invest in their learning and development? In other words, how might we help them to thrive?

Introducing The Thrive Method

An ‘experience-first’ solution to reimagining student success. Incubated at Berklee College of Music, in partnership with Kinetic Seeds and Kindred Studio, this shared philosophy and approach builds inclusive campus ecosystems and delivers supportive experiences all along the student journey.

How it Works

The Thrive Method turns campus stakeholders into campus experience designers, working as cross- functional teams to assess the whole system – reinforcing components, imagining new possibilities, and co-creating a connected system that adapts to the student (and not the other way around!)

Based on real-world insights about the lived experiences of students and staff, the Method represents a student-centered mindset that’s intuitive and relevant to the work of campus transformation. It unifies the way institutions can think about and collectively approaches student engagement. It provides leadership, faculty, and staff with a common language.

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Project Details

  • Date23 October 2018
  • CategoryDesign-Thinking