Defining a holistic philosophy and approach to student engagement

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How can we define a holistic philosophy and approach to student engagement?

Realizing that its students are best served when they become the hub of multiple existing campus services, Kinetic Seeds facilitated an effort to re-organize Berklee’s enrollment, student affairs and advising, and career services infrastructures into one holistic student-centered support structure using design-thinking methodology. The resulting engagement framework now serves as a holistic guidepost for Berklee to connect the dots across the entire organization, align its service offerings and develop new student lifecycle opportunities.


Like all great journeys, the quest to create a tool to help Berklee become a game-changing, student-centered organization began with a question: How might we define a shared philosophy and approach to engagement that considers the lived student development experience and helps us craft better ways of working together?

We began with the idea that to design exceptional student experiences, everyone in the organization must work in concert. To do this, we needed a shared sense of purpose and a shared approach to student engagement. Enter the student engagement framework. Based on real-world insights about the lived experiences of students and staff, the framework represents a student-centered mindset that’s intuitive and relevant to the work at hand.

Unifying the way the organization thinks about and collectively approaches student engagement, it provides everyone with a common language. In its entirety, a well-designed framework is a grounding tool that assesses how intentional staff members are in the design of student-centered policies, practices, and programs, to identify disconnects between functions and processes, and to develop the capacity for systemic innovation.

Project Details

  • Date23 October 2018
  • CategoryDesign-Thinking