Empowering today’s learners and workers with due credentials

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What will it take to empower today’s learner and workers with due credentials?


To rebound from COVID-19 and guard against the deepening inequities by race and income that many experts are forecasting, the country will need to quickly and affordably get students and workers back into jobs and education. To do so, a key strategy for policymakers will be empowering today’s learners and workers as quickly and efficiently as possible with the credentials they are due. Under the current system, however, students and workers all too often do not get credit for their learning experiences, which stymies the economy, frustrates employers that are searching for workers with postsecondary credentials and undercuts the values of opportunity and upward mobility that undergird our nation’s democracy.

In partnership with HCM Strategists, Kinetic Seeds has launched a national conversation series called Project APPLY (Advocating for Portability of Previous Learning). Over the next few months, we will elevate a much-needed discussion about how students learn today and explore how and why portability of learning and applicability of credit are strong levers for increasing equity, building affordable pathways, and meeting workforce needs. To learn more and join the conversation, visit Project APPLY.

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  • Date30 July 2020
  • CategoryParticipatory Advocacy