Advancing quality and equity in education beyond high school

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Project Description

How can we advance quality and equity in education beyond highschool?


Can a group of diverse and influential stakeholders come together and be “all in” on a model to assure quality and equity of any and all postsecondary credentials? Can this model demonstrate what quality credentials look like, what it takes to produce one, and how it accounts for serving all kinds of students across their entire learning lifespan? In this participatory design initiative, Kinetic Seeds was selected to support Lumina Foundation and its Quality Credentials Task Force comprising 22 leaders in education, policy and workforce development to shape a new conceptual model and set of indicators of quality relevant to meeting the needs of today’s students and today’s complex credentialing environment.


Through an iterative and generative year-long participatory design process, Kinetic Seeds guided task force members to (1) explore new ways to assure the quality of a college education and other forms of learning beyond high school and (2) develop a broad, conceptual model of credential quality that could lead to the greater equity and quality learning that our society and students deserve. The resulting reform umbrella was unveiled in September 2019 to spur both institution-based curricular changes and systems reform from federal and state policymakers, accreditors, and associations and enlist their active cooperation and collaboration to building an updated, integrated system of quality assurance that can provide educational opportunities to more individuals and advance racially and economically just outcomes for all.

Project Details

  • Date13 September 2019
  • CategoryParticipatory Design