Putting student voice at the center of innovation in education

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Project Description

How can we put student voice at the center of innovation in education?


What if we put students in the driver’s seat of a new kind of R&D to transform higher education? One that provided a platform for engaging students more fully in a real world effort that also involved faculty, administrators, support services and more? Could we improve a student’s education experience? Could we take it a step further and transform higher education itself?

This initiative facilitated a student-led research and development activity on the campus of Utah State University. The participatory process allowed students themselves to boldly create the experience that is right for them. Outcomes, which were published in the New England Journal of Higher Education, included the re-invention of the university’s student service delivery model and the scale of the new model across the university system.

Project Details

  • Date23 October 2017
  • CategoryParticipatory Design