What We Do

Learn from and with marginalized voices of today’s students

We are committed to not just hearing, but actively listening to the diverse experiences of our students. By authentically sharing their lived experiences, we open the door to meaningful conversations and constructive debates.

Empower and engage today’s students

When we empower and engage today’s students to have a direct impact on shaping the programs, policies, and practices that govern their academic journey, traditional power dynamics are shifted and stronger student outcomes are realized.

Create essential strategies, tools, and resources

Research without action is simply theoretical. That’s why we invest in capacity building that creates essential strategies, tools, and resources for integrating student voice and student action into institutional transformation efforts.

How We Do It


  1. Qualitative and quantitative research to engage student cohorts to deeply assess and comprehend the evolving landscape of student success through the lived experiences and expertise of today’s students.
  2. Actionable frameworks that empower students and institutions to implement equitable policies, innovative academic programs, and effective support systems


1.Strategic innovation plans that bring student voices to the forefront of institutional change.

2.Capacity-building workshops and targeted guidance with students and stakeholders to reform and revamp program and support services informed by direct student feedback and involvement.

3.Faculty and staff training and resources to effectively support and sustain new initiatives.

Experiential Learning for STUDENT GROWTH

  1. Students are immersed in a variety of dynamic roles thoughtfully designed to integrate with the core principles of hands-on learning.
  2. Through active participation, students draw on their personal experiences to meet the real-world challenges we present to them.
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