What We Do

Elevate and Strengthen Student Voice and Engagement

Elevate Student Voice

We champion and design opportunities for students to be heard by learning from them, authentically sharing their lived experiences, offering and debating challenges and opportunities with key stakeholders, and co-creating solutions that will work for all.

Tell Powerful Stories

Tell Powerful Stories

Not the ‘sit around the campfire’ type stories, but the kind that pulls massive amounts of meaningful data and information together in a narrative and visualization that incites action, changes mindsets, and moves us forward.

Design Innovative Solutions

Design Innovative Solutions

Whether you are in need of a new program, practice, or strategic plan, we take the burden of aligning stakeholders, organizing sessions, synthesizing inputs and packaging results off your shoulders so you can focus on your day job.

Evaluate System-Level Structures

Evaluate System-Level Structures

We love digging deeper, because we believe no matter how good ideas are, if you don’t address the foundational issues that have built up over time, you cannot create meaningful, sustainable change.

Facilitate Hard Conversations

Facilitate Hard Conversations

We are not afraid of diving into the uncomfortable and thoughtfully create ‘brave spaces’ for dialogue so that all who come to the table in search of truth and progress will be empowered to create change.

How We Do It

Design thinking—a way of solving challenges that’s been core to the design process for many years and has influenced everything from Fortune 500 companies to top business schools to social innovation—underpins our work. The result is a participatory and human-centered process that brings student and stakeholder experiences to life in a wholly new way. Our approach encompasses the following capabilities:

Understanding the Lived Student Experience

Human-Centered Research

Deeply understand the lived experience and how people relate to and perceive the world around them, uncovering patterns in motivations, behaviors, and habits and producing actionable insights and opportunity spaces.

Exploring the System and How it Operates

Ecosystem Thinking

Looking at the student experience within the context of the wider system—identifying friction points, barriers and opportunities for improvement to ensure feasibility, adoption and sustainability of new programs, practices, or policies.

Co-Creating Solutions Spaces

Participatory Design and Prototyping

Involving students and stakeholders in the design and co-creation of ideas—either in a feedback role during formative or evaluative stages or as actual designers—establishes a stronger sense of accountability and purpose in execution.

Packaging the Story

Equity-Framed Storytelling

Integrating evidence-based best practices and lessons-learned from diversity, equity, and inclusion communication practitioners, allowing us to frame all our client and partner work in an authentic way that inspires thought and drives meaningful change.

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Dillard University
Golden Key national honor society
Florida virtual campus
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Lumina Foundation
Strada education network
The Communications Network
Knowledge Works
Strategy Labs
HCM Strategies
Public Agenda
Competency Based Education Network
University of West Florida Innovation Institute
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
North Eastern University
Rhode Island Department of Education
The Act
Utah State University
College Unbound

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